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Westlake Soul

Category: Book
By (author): Youers, Rio
Subject:  FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary
  FICTION / Fantasy / General
  FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal
  FICTION / Psychological
Publisher: ChiZine
Published: May 2012
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 250
Size: 7.50in x 5.13in x 0.65in
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$ 10.99
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$ 7.14
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*

"All superheroes get their powers from somewhere. A radioactive spider bite. A science experiment gone awry. I got mine from a surfing accident in Tofino. The ultimate wipeout. I woke up with the most powerful mind on the planet, but a body like a wet paper bag . . . ."

Meet Westlake Soul, a twenty-three-year-old former surfing champion. A loving son and brother. But if you think he's just a regular dude, think again; Westlake is in a permanent vegetative state. He can't move, has no response to stimuli, and can only communicate with Hub, the faithful family dog. And like all superheroes, Westlake has an archenemy: Dr. Quietus-a nightmarish embodiment of Death itself. Westlake dreams of a normal life-of surfing and loving again. But time is running out; Dr. Quietus is getting closer, and stronger. Can Westlake use his superbrain to recover . . . to slip his enemy's cold embrace before it's too late?

Review Quote*

"Rio Youers' storytelling is so charming, so affable, so apparently effortless, that you're still grinning like an idiot when the sheer horror of his imagination leaps up and suckerpunches you in the gut."–Robert Shearman, world fantasy award-winning author of Everyone's Just So So Special

"Westlake Soul is a novel of astonishing beauty and skill. In every generation there are writers who can reveal the souls of the characters that live inside their stories while simultaneously laying bare the secrets of the reader's own heart, if only to them. Rio Youers is such a writer, and Westlake Soul-with all its pain, terror, beauty, wonder, and redemption-is such a novel: a classic in the making by an unforgettable, major new voice in speculative fiction."–Michael Rowe, author of Enter, Night

"In this wry, heartbreaking fantasy, Youers (Dark Dreams, Pale Horses) explores the dark landscape of a healthy mind trapped in an unresponsive body... deftly captur[ing] the voice and raw emotion of a young man struggling to delay the inevitable."

-Publishers Weekly (starred review)
Biographical NoteRio Youers has been praised by some of the most noteworthy names in the speculative fiction genre. He is the British Fantasy Awardnominated author of OLD MAN SCRATCH and END TIMES. His short fiction has been published by, among others, Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy, IDW, and PS Publishing. Rio lives in southwestern Ontario with his wife, Emily, and their daughter, Lily Maye.