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500 Butterflies: From Around the World

Category: Book
By (author): Preston-Mafham, Ken
Subject:  NATURE / Animals / Butterflies & Moths
  NATURE / Animals / Insects & Spiders
Publisher: Firefly Books
Published: February 2016
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 528
Size: 6.25in x 6.00in x 1.31in
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$ 24.95
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*

This handsome, well-illustrated guide features 514 butterflies from all continents, most of them photographed in their natural environment, sometimes with their caterpillars. Sales of 15,000 copies in hardcover is proof of its value.

The butterflies are organized by genus, species and subspecies, and described in authoritative text including personal observations in the wild. Each entry is cross-referenced to the index and glossary.

The description of each butterfly includes detailed information on:

  • Natural history
  • Habitat and distribution
  • Form
  • Behavior
  • Food and feeding
  • Species variations and taxonomy
  • Reproduction
  • Survival.

This beautiful book is a joy for the pictures alone, and it is also very informative and reveals the author's passion for this subject. This is a concise and attractive introduction to these fascinating insects and a useful resource for butterfly enthusiasts and naturalists of all ages.

From The Publisher*The perfect introduction to Lepidoptera in all their diversity.
Review Quote*[Review of hardcover edition:] Color photographs of butterflies, often in their natural habitats, are paired with brief descriptions and data.
Review Quote*[Review of hardcover edition:] The color photographs are beautiful and the text is concise. This fascinating little book is hard to put down.
Review Quote*[Review of hardcover edition:] The ultimate book for butterfly lovers. Fascinating to compare our Canaidna butterflies with butterflies on other continents.
Review Quote*[Review of hardcover edition:] Colorful and diverse...this concise guide is a fine introduction for the novice observer and an enjoyable read for lepidopterists.
Review Quote*[Review of hardcover edition:] Readers will enjoy reading about commonplace and unique butterflies from around the world... a handy book to use in field trips or butterfly gardening.
Review Quote*[Review of hardcover edition:] Preston-Mafham tells us that there are 20,000 species of butterflies all over the world, give or take a few thousand, and 500 -- 514 to be exact -- are shown here in photographs, listed neatly by family, along with range, principal food plant, wingspan, and scientific name.
Biographical Note

Ken Preston-Mafham is a photographer, naturalist, authority on Lepidoptera, and the author of many books on natural history.