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Lean Startups For Social Change: The Revolutionary Path to Big Impact

Category: Book
By (author): Gelobter, Michel
Subject:  BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Development / Business Development
  BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Nonprofit Organizations & Charities / General
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Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Published: October 2015
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 216
Size: 8.44in x 7.86in x 0.50in
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*The Lean Startup concept has revolutionized the way businesses are developed. Now Michel Gelobter applies this powerful concept to the social sector. In business, the lean start-up movement is turning the traditional approach to innovation on its head. Rather than developing an elaborate plan, raising money to fund it, and then following it to its uncertain conclusion-a process that can take years-entrepreneurs in companies new and old are launching small inexpensive initiatives to test ideas, quickly learning from failures and successes, and using that data to further refine the ideas and test them again. Social entrepreneur Michel Gelobter says there's no reason the social sector can't do the same. Gelobter goes through the lean startup process step by step, showing exactly how nonprofits and advocacy organizations can adapt it to increase their impact. He uses dozens of real-world examples: a homelessness group that discovered the one metric they needed to improve to get more people off the streets; a technology-based literacy startup that was able to reach two million children in two years, when it took a more traditionally-oriented program fifteen; and many others. From the glimmer of an idea to make the world a better place to deep reform in the heart of the world's largest government and non-profit bureaucracies, Michel Gelobter shows how the lean start-up can drive a revolution in policy and social change.
From The Publisher*"There's a new way to change the world," writes social entrepreneur Michel Gelobter. It's called the lean startup-but it's not just for new ventures. It's been revolutionizing businesses of all ages for years, and Gelobter shows it can have the same transformative impact on the social sector.

Traditionally, entrepreneurs develop a detailed plan, find money to fund it, and then pursue it to its conclusion. But conditions can change drastically at any point-you can end up locked into a process based on now-obsolete assumptions. The lean startup is all about agility and flexibility. Its mantra is "build, measure, learn": create small experimental initiatives, get real-world feedback on them quickly, and use that data to identify what works and discard what doesn't. And then test some more.

Gelobter explains exactly how nonprofits and advocacy organizations can adapt lean startup concepts to their unique circumstances. He offers dozens of real-world examples: an established homelessness group whose data analysis showed that reducing a single overlooked metric could get many more people off the street; a technology-based literacy startup that used lean techniques to reach 2 million children in two years, when a more traditional program took fifteen; and many others. The standard approach wastes time and money-the lean startup promises to help social sector organizations vastly increase the good they do.
Review Quote*"A major step forward for the social sector."
-Eric Reis, author of The Lean StartupĀ 

"Whether you're developing a new campaign or trying to innovate within a large organization, this book delivers the goods for how to make change at an unprecedented scale."
-Mike Brune Executive Director, Sierra Club

"Gelobter shows how to bring the cutting edge of Silicon Valley to some of the wicked problems facing the social sector. A must-read for all funders and change makers."
-Barry Gold, Program Director, Walton Family Foundation

"Social change requires not just good ideas but also effective ways to implement them. In this excellent book Michel Gelobter lays out his revolutionary and practical methodology. An immensely valuable contribution."
-Adam Kahane, Director, Reos Partners, and author of Power and Love
Biographical NoteMichel Gelobter is the founder and chairman of Cooler Inc., a for-profit social venture that helps businesses and consumers reduce greenhouse gas pollution and a senior advisor to the Packard Foundation. He is a lecturer at U.C. Berkeley and presently serves on the Boards of the Natural Resources Defense Council and Ceres, as well as the Advisory Board of Vice-President Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection. He was a cofounder of, a cloud platform for the world's building energy data, and was Chief Green Officer for Hara, the leading enterprise energy and environmental management software startup. Prior to that he was President/CEO of Redefining Progress, the U.S.'s leading domestic sustainability policy institute. He also founded and directed the Environmental Policy Program at Columbia University, worked as a Congressional Black Caucus Fellow as well as for the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee, and was Director of Environmental Quality for the City of New York.