Saka Saka: South of the Sahara - Adventures in African Cooking

Category: Book
By (author): Cocagne, Anto
Photographs By: Princet, Aline
Subject:  COOKING / Courses & Dishes / General
  COOKING / Regional & Ethnic / African
  COOKING / Regional & Ethnic / International
Audience: general/trade
Publisher: Interlink Books
Published: April 2022
Format: Book-hardcover
Pages: 208
Size: 10.50in x 7.50in x 0.90in
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*

Chef Anto Cocagne and Photographer Aline Princet take us on a unique food journey and introduce us to the best recipes from Gabon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Congo, and Ethiopia. We will discover the main characteristics of these cuisines, the specialties of each region, the produce, the ideal pantry, the basics, as well as mouthwatering recipes for appetizers, main courses, side dishes, street food, desserts, and drinks.

       And since no one evokes a cuisine better than its daughters and sons, we meet African musicians, writers, artists, and creatives who tell stories about their favorite dishes, their family cooking memories, and what these recipes represent for them today.

       With stunning food and landscape photography, complemented by beautiful and colorful design, this book is an ode to conviviality, generosity, and positivity. It is a love letter to Africa.

From The Publisher*Chef Anto, a rising chef from Gabon, showcases African cuisines through 80 recipes from Gabon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Congo, and Ethiopia. Woven through are interviews with artists of African heritage who talk about what these foods mean to them. In addition to vibrant photography, Chef Anto shares a wealth of tips for the home cook.
Review Quote*"Chef Cocagne celebrates ‘the tastes of Sub-Saharan Africa' in this vibrant [debut] ... In an appealing introduction, she focuses on the region's history … the information is fascinating. Cocagne covers everything from eating with one's hands to the absence of frozen food in Africa. Most recipes offer helpful substitutions … The range of cuisines is vast: Ravioli are filled with smoked mackerel and amaranth leaves; a chapter on street food includes fried dumplings and grilled sea bream; and desserts encompass crème brûlée with baobab powder, and mbouraké made by pounding stale bread, sugar, and evaporated milk. Meanwhile, interviews with Sub-Saharan African personalities-such as radio host Soro Solo and designer Aïssé N'Diaye-fold in enlivening cultural tidbits … making it an important entry in the growing number of books about African cuisines."
Review Quote*

"In Saka Saka, Gabonese and French chef Anto Cocagne celebrates sub-Saharan African cuisine. The invigorating recipes [...] spotlight fresh, nourishing staples with creative flourishes [...] It details foods that are pertinent to both, with a helpful pantry list, and dispels misconceptions about African food being too oily or spicy, encouraging everyone to explore its bold tastes [...] Saka Saka is a congenial, welcoming cookbook that celebrates Africa's culinary profile with tantalizing dishes and eye-catching photographs."

Review Quote*"[A]n adventure through sub-Saharan Africa. Named after a cassava leaf dish, this book combines recipes, portraits, and interviews that introduce African cuisine to the global consumer. Appealing dishes include everything from sides and appetizers to street food and desserts, all showcasing the beauty and art of food from Africa and the connection people have to it. Cocagne encourages readers to revise the misconceptions that food from Africa is too oily, too spicy, or too rich: in reality it is healthy and diverse … With all the love that the continent has to offer this book is a must for cooking collections."
Review Quote*"[A] cookbook that educates, dazzles, and-most importantly-is delectable … Cocagne's informative text goes beyond flavors to discuss sub-Saharan cultures … Princet's vibrant photography delivers energy … This cookbook will delight readers and home cooks alike as an introduction to sub-Saharan cuisine, and its recipes will quickly become go-tos."