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Our Canada Our Country Our Stories: Inspirational Tales from the Heart and Soul of this Great Land

Category: Book
Edited By: Our Canada Magazine a Division of Reader's Digest
Subject:  HISTORY / Canada / General
  SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational
  SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Happiness
Publisher: Reader's Digest
Published: September 2018
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 320
Size: 8.50in x 5.50in
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$ 19.99
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*An inspirational collection of stories from Our Canada magazine submitted and told by Canadians.  

Let's shine a spotlight on the talents and good works of everyday Canadians across the country, drawing upon material from the following magazine departments: Showcase, Cause for Applause, Crafty Canadians and Canadians Abroad. A blend of first-person stories, accompanying photos, and sidebar highlights/factoids on related fields of endeavour. 

Stories will be pulled directly from our most popular sections of the Our Canada magazine:

Showcase: Celebrates the talents of everyday Canadians-from painters, dancers and singers to acrobats, deep-sea divers, racecar drivers and more.

Valour:  True stories that commemorate the sacrifices of our brave men and women in uniform.  Produced in association with  Veteran Voices of Canada along with Special Remeberance pages.

Cause for Applause: A nod to "good works" and deeds that benefit others.

Crafty Canadians:  Arts and crafts, from the traditional to the avant-garde.

Canadians Abroad:  Ex-pat Canadians tell us where they're at and what they're up to.  

Community:  Canadians celebrate their communities, lifestyle, passion, culture, and inclusivness.

Adventure:  From camping on the tundra to motoring cross-country, here are tall tales for the adventurer.
Biographical NoteTHE HISTORY Our Canada (OC) was launched in 2004 as a bimonthly, using the response from a "Show Us Your Canada" contest in Reader's Digest magazine as a primary source of content, as well as sourced Canadian-themed photo essays and related items. Subscriptions went from 0 to 250,000 within the first two years. In 2008, More of Our Canada (MOC) was set up and launched as a bimonthly subscriber-only companion publication, specifically for OC subscribers who wanted to receive an OC-branded publication each and every month. 

THE CONTENT of both Our Canada and More of Our Canada- text and photography- is entirely contributor-generated from cover to cover, with the exception of the occasional iStock photo and usually one illustration per issue by long-time OC illustrator Bill Suddick, whom we pay a small fee. Otherwise, the only "compensation" offered to our selected content contributors is a free one-year gift subscription and a free copy of the issue in which their submission appears.

THE PROCESS entails calling out for stories and photos on a regular basis in both magazines, on our "website" (a menu tab on, via OC social networking and outreach to community associations. Stories and photos that come to us via these channels are added to our online and hard-copy submissions files. We also draw content from an annual photo contest, social media engagement activities such as Theme Pics, and the occasional writing competition.

Two inhouse OC editors are responsible for selecting and editing timelyand engaging content that, seen as a whole, reflects all parts of Canada.  Once a story or photo has been selected for possible publication, the contributor is contacted by phone or email. He/she is informed that their submission is being considered for publication; that they will receive a free one year gift subscription /free copy upon publication; that their submission may be published again at a later date, in print or digitally, in which case we will strive to notify them beforehand (as a courtesy); and that their stories may be edited for length and style.  The editor uses this initial point of contact to obtain any missing details, verify points of concern and, if need be, advise the contributor about any major revisions that may be required.  

After publication, a letter is sent out to our newly published contributors, together with their free copy and any photos that need to be returned (photo submissions are almost totally online now).  

Sales and Readership
According to Vivadata , OC is read by more than 1.6 million Canadians. (MOC readership is not tracked by Vivadata)

In addition to subscriptions, OC is also sold on newsstands (MOC is not). OC and MOC are also available on digital platforms such as Zinio, Pressreader, Google Play, etc. OC was also recently accepted onto the Texture digital newsstand.