Dinosaurs-The Grand Tour: Everything Worth Knowing About Dinosaurs from Aardonyx to Zuniceratops

Category: Book
Contributions By: Horner, Jack
By (author): Pim, Keiron
Subject:  NATURE / Animals / Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures
  SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Evolution
  SCIENCE / Paleontology
  YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Animals / General
Audience: general/trade
Publisher: The Experiment
Published: March 2016
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 352
Size: 10.00in x 7.50in

Additional Notes

From The Publisher*A Main Selection of Scientific American Book Club

"Remarkably all-encompassing and superbly illustrated . . . a fascinating tome."
-Huffington Post

A visual trove of more than 300 dinosaurs, with key anatomy, geology, history, and theory at a glance

We live in a golden age of paleontological discovery-the perfect time to dig in to the spectacular world of dinosaurs. From Aardonyx, a lumbering beast that formed a link between two- and four-legged dinosaurs, to Zuniceratops, who boasted a deadly pair of horns, Dinosaurs-The Grand Tour details everything worth knowing about more than 300 dinosaurs. The important discoveries and gory details touch on topics from geology, anatomy, and evolution to astronomy and even Native American and Chinese myth. Fascinating facts abound:
  • Giganotosaurus was longer, two tons heavier, and had bigger jaws than T. Rex.
  • The poison-spitting Dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park wasn't actually venomous at all.??
  • Because of its bizarre single-clawed hands, scientists now believe Mononykus was a prehistoric predecessor of the anteater!
Illustrations on virtually every page, true to the latest findings, bring these prehistoric creatures to life in all their razor-sharp, long-necked, spiny, scaly glory.
Review Quote*"This richly illustrated volume presents the latest perspectives on dinosaur lore, feathers and all, with field notes from famed paleontologist Jack Horner."-NBC Science News

"Remarkably all-encompassing and superbly illustrated . . . A fascinating tome that will appeal to children and adults."-Huffington Post

"It is the dinosaurs that dominate this book as they once dominated the earth, and author Keiron Pim, with Jack Horner writing field notes, brings them to us with descriptions and facts that make them come alive once again. If there is one book you should give as a gift to any dinosaur fan . . . this is it."-Staten Island Advance

"Dramatic illustrations and silhouettes of the dinosaur accompany each profile . . . A good, inexpensive choice for those who want the most up-to-date, comprehensive information on dinosaurs."-Booklist

"Children and adults will both enjoy."-Pasadena Star-News

"If you've got a kid who's wild about dinosaurs, this is the book you need to get."-GeekDad blog