Yoga for a World Out of Balance: Teachings on Ethics and Social Action

Category: Book
Foreword By: Iyengar, B.K.S.
By (author): Stone, Michael
Subject:  HEALTH & FITNESS / Yoga
  RELIGION / Buddhism / General (see also PHILOSOPHY / Buddhist)
  RELIGION / Ethics
Publisher: Shambhala
Published: September 2009
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 240
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*Every aspect of our life has a part to play in the greater ecological system, Michael Stone explains in this book. How do we bring this large view to our yoga practice? According to Stone, our responsibility as human beings is to live in a sustainable and respectful way. He says two things need to change. First, we need to understand the relationship between our actions and the effects of our actions. Second, once we see the effect of our actions in the human and non-human world, we need practical skills for learning how to make changes.

Using the five principles (yama) described in the Yoga-Sutra attributed to Patanjali, Michael Stone offers a basis for rethinking ethical action and the spiritual path.
From The Publisher*The true path of yoga calls for a commitment to social responsibility in addition to ones personal practice on the mathere is a fresh viewpoint from a psychologist and teacher of yoga and meditation.
Review Quote*"Thought-provoking.  Stone is unusually passionate and sophisticated in his approach.  The book needs to be digested slowly, because in it Stone calls on us to change our minds and lives.  Fortunately, he not only provides guidance on this path but also inspires us to follow it."-Yoga Journal

"An essential read for anyone trying to seriously practice yoga today."-Yoga Magazine

"Yoga for a World Out of Balance provides guiding principles with a holistic vision that sees beyond simple black-and-white into today's more complex issues."-Elephant Journal

"The world has been calling out for a book like this.  Michael Stone affirms the potential of yoga in our world, and the book is necessary reading for anyone who is looking to do an engaged, authentic practice with integrity, intelligence, and sensitivity."-It's All Yoga, Baby blog

"The careening horror of our environmental dissent has all of us off balance. Michael Stone provides some excellent advice about how to find a place on which to stand."-Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy

"If up until now yoga has been something you do on a mat, this book will lift you off your feet. I know of no book with such an elevated, informed, and inspiring perspective on how yoga belongs in our world and how the world belongs in our yoga."-Chip Hartranft, author and translator, The Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali

"Spiritual awakening and fruition do not come from fleeing our suffering world but from opening up to it and being transformed by that encounter. Michael Stone's new book demonstrates clearly and persuasively that social engagement is an essential part of genuine yogic practice. His work continues to be at the cutting edge of Western yoga."-David Loy, author of Money, Sex, War, Karma

"The nurturing flow of life, extreme intelligence, beauty, and perfect harmony are active in every one of us. Yoga was developed in ancient wisdom culture to gently reveal what we already have. Read this book."-Mark Whitwell, author of Yoga of the Heart

"Reverence for life up-ends the typical narcissism of spiritual literature; what we are offered here instead is a literate and deeply devotional integration of individual practice and social awareness. Yoga has always meant 'union,' but here in Michael Stone's world, the profound philosophy of yoga permeates the dying earth and our living hearts with insights that are ancient, scintillating, and incisive. This is not a rehash of prior teachings, but a highly original uncloaking of the deepest meanings that await us in our practice."-Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest

"An important new work of great clarity that brilliantly explores the core concern of human existence: the coming together of spirit and action."-Velcrow Ripper, director of the films Scared Sacred and Fierce Light

"Michael Stone provides the clarity and direction that can result in a yoga practice that is not limited to the time on the mat but that moves out into the world and embraces it."-Spirituality & Health
Biographical NoteMichael Stone (1974 - 2017) was a prominent and innovative Buddhist teacher, yogi, psychotherapist, and author. He was the founder and director of the Centre of Gravity Sangha, a community of yoga and Buddhist practitioners based in Toronto, and he taught widely and had a large international  following. He was the author of The Inner Tradition of Yoga, Yoga for a World Out of Balance, Freeing the Body Freeing the Mind, and Awake in the World. For more information visit