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10,000 Dresses

Category: Book
By (author): Ewert, Marcus
Illustrated By: Ray, Rex
Subject:  JUVENILE FICTION / Clothing & Dress
  JUVENILE FICTION / Family / Alternative Family
  JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Homosexuality
  JUVENILE NONFICTION / Social Topics / General (see also headings under Family)
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
Published: November 2008
Format: Book-hardcover
Pages: 32
Size: 10.30in x 8.30in x 0.40in

Additional Notes

From The Publisher*Every night, Bailey dreams about magical dresses: dresses made of crystals and rainbows, dresses made of flowers, dresses made of windows. . . . Unfortunately, when Bailey's awake, no one wants to hear about these beautiful dreams. Quite the contrary. "You're a BOY!" Mother and Father tell Bailey. "You shouldn't be thinking about dresses at all." Then Bailey meets Laurel, an older girl who is touched and inspired by Bailey's imagination and courage. In friendship, the two of them begin making dresses together. And Bailey's dreams come true!

This gorgeous picture book-a modern fairy tale about becoming the person you feel you are inside-will delight people of all ages.
From The Publisher*A modern fairy tale for people of all ages.
Review Quote*"[...] my own favorite (and one of my daughters' favorite) books about being a "gender variant" kid, 10,000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert. Bailey is a little girl whose family are all convinced that she is a boy. At night she dreams of beautiful dresses and by day she tries to share her visions with the world. Her family all refuse to listen, but in the end, she meets someone who understands and together they make her dream designs come true."
-Lesbian Family

"I loved the way the author referred to Bailey as "her" throughout the book, which struck me as a simple way to introduce children to this topic."

Biographical NoteAn actor, writer, and director, MARCUS EWERT is also the creator of the hit animated children's series Piki & Polo, which appeared on MTV's Logo channel. He is currently writing a memoir of his time with Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs. Ewert lives in San Francisco.

From the eBook edition.