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Man Interrupted: Why Young Men are Struggling & What We Can Do About It

Category: Book
By (author): Zimbardo, Philip
Subject:  PSYCHOLOGY / Developmental / Adolescent
  PSYCHOLOGY / General
  PSYCHOLOGY / Mental Health
  SOCIAL SCIENCE / Men's Studies
Audience: general/trade
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Published: April 2016
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 352
Size: 8.94in x 6.30in x 1.00in
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$ 28.95
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*

In 2011, Philip Zimbardo gave a TED Talk called "The Demise of Guys," which has been viewed by over 1.8 million people. A TED eBook called The Demise of Guys: Why Guys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It followed. The is an expansion of that brief polemic based on Zimbardo's observations, research, and the survey that was completed by over 20,000 viewers of the original TED Talk.

The premise here is that we are facing a not-so-brave new world; a world in which young men are getting left behind. In record numbers men are flaming out academically and failing socially and sexually with women.

Philip G. Zimbardo and Nikita Coulombe say that an addiction to video games and online porn have created a generation of shy, socially awkward, emotionally removed, and risk-adverse young men who are unable (and unwilling) to navigate the complexities and risks inherent to real-life relationships, school, and employment. Taking a critical look at a problem that is tearing at families and societies everywhere, Man, Interrupted suggests that our young men are suffering from a new form of "arousal addiction," and introduce a bold new plan for getting them back on track.

The concluding chapters offer a set of solutions that can be affected by different segments of society:

  • What the government can do
  • What schools can do
  • What parents can do
  • What men can do
  • What women can do
  • What the media can do

Filled with telling anecdotes, results of fascinating research, perceptive analysis, and concrete suggestions for change. Man Interrupted is a book for our time. It is a book that informs, challenged, and ultimately inspires.

Review Quote*"In this entertaining, sobering, and thought-provoking book, Dr. Zimbardo bravely and wisely calls attention to the spreading crisis afflicting many of America's young men." -Roy Baumeister, author of Is There Anything Good About Men? and Willpower
Review Quote*"What this book might lack in causal clarity, it makes up for with lucid and compassionate solutions for improving the lives of young men."-Publishers Weekly
Review Quote*"Man Interrupted: Why Young Men Are Struggling And What We Can Do About It is a compassionate look at the phenomenon of young men disappearing into the virtual worlds of videogaming and porn -- to the detriment of everyone. Authors Zimbardo and Coulombe don't simply supply evidence of the risks and benefits of today's hyper-alluring technologies. They also tackle contributing factors, such as absent dads, failing schools, environmental toxins, economic realities, etc., and offer a range of suggestions for parents, media, governments, men, women and schools." --Gary Wilson, author of Your Brain On Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction
Review Quote*"Man, Interrupted is the most important book I've read in years, given that it is thoroughly researched, well-organized, beautifully written, and outlines a problem that affects at least half the population of the country, if not everyone. Even more, it identifies the causes and suggests practical solutions. This book should be read by legislators, judges, politicians, parents, spouses and, well, men…all of them." -Michael Shermer, Publisher Skeptic magazine, columnist Scientific American, author of The Moral Arc
Review Quote*"Zimbardo has put his finger on a great challenge of the modern era, which is how to hang on to the social skills that humanity has accrued over centuries now that virtual reality has no need for them." --Eleanor Mills, The Sunday Times