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All the Hopeful Lovers

Category: Book
By (author): Nicholson, William
Subject:  FICTION / General
Audience: general/trade
Publisher: McArthur & Company
Published: May 2011
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 368
Size: 9.07in x 6.00in x 1.00in
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$ 24.95
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$ 16.22
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*Belinda, just fifty, wistfully reflects how much better she is at sex now than when she was young and gorgeous, and then discovers to her fury that her husband Tom is having an affair. ALL THE HOPEFUL LOVERS tracks the emotional roller coaster she lives through over the seven days following her discovery. At the same time we learn what's going on inside the mind of Tom and of his lover Meg. Weaving through this web of middle-aged lovers is a tangle of teenage ones, as Belinda's flirty daughter Chloe tries to set up Jack with shy Alice, without realising that Jack is full of secret longings for her. These personal dramas are unfolding in December in the tense run-up to Christmas: our own familiar world, rendered pacy, funny and emotionally on the button.
Review Quote*"So incredibly accurate and true. Utterly captures the sense of quiet desperation of ordinary lives and the ways in which life turns on a sixpence"