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Origami Paper Airplanes

Category: Book
By (author): Boursin, Didier
Subject:  CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Origami
  JUVENILE NONFICTION / Crafts & Hobbies
Publisher: Firefly Books
Published: September 2001
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 64
Size: 10.25in x 7.75in x 0.25in
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$ 9.95
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*

Origami is an ancient art, yet modern paper folders can still invent fascinating new folds. Origami Paper Airplanes is filled with new and outstanding folds that will delight, amuse, and inspire paper folders of all ages. They offer a wide variety of designs that are rated according to skill level. Everyone, from beginners to experienced folders, will find something here to delight the hand and eye.

Each book opens with four pages of instructions in basic folding techniques, the symbols used in the book and a discussion of the various papers you work with. Then come the specific folds - Origami Paper Airplanes offers 28 different designs of aircraft that include traditional planes, new creations, and other flying objects such as windmills and frisbees. Extremely detailed technical drawings, in color, accompany the reader every step of the way from the very first crease through to the remarkable finished creation.

With their elegant and fascinating folds, these are among the most innovative origami books available. They are suited for folders of all ages and skill levels. Thoroughly tested and carefully designed instructions make it possible for anyone to achieve results on the first try.

From The Publisher*A book of origami airplanes that offers a wide variety of designs, rated according to skill level. The book includes four pages of basic instruction and follows with 28 paper planes, windmills, frisbees and other flying objects, illustrated in full color.
Review Quote*Clearly drawn set diagrams, and also provides handsome color photographs of the intended results.
Review Quote*These books boast beautiful photograph, well written introductions, and topics of interest to all ages.
Review Quote*Fully illustrated with step-by-step color diagrams, easy-to-follow instructions, and a full-size color picture of the final product.
Review Quote*The directions are generally clear and succinct, and stylish color photographs of the completed aircraft can often help.
Biographical Note

Didier Boursin is a world-renowned origami expert and author who lives in Paris. Among his books are Origami Paper Animals and Advanced Origami: More than 60 Fascinating and Challenging Projects for the Serious Folder.