Fortnite Battle Royale Hacks: The Unofficial Guide to Tips and Tricks That Other Guides Won't Teach You

Category: Book
By (author): Rich, Jason R.
Series: Fortnite Battle Royale Hacks
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Audience: children/juvenile
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Published: May 2018
Format: Book-hardcover
Pages: 104
Size: 9.00in x 6.00in x 0.50in
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From The Publisher*<b>The Ultimate <i>Fortnite</i> Guide… There is no second place!</b><br><br><b><i>Fortnite Battle Royale Hacks</b></i> is the <i>Fortnite</i> strategy book you've been waiting for! This <i>Fortnite Battle Royale</i> book focuses on the seven core elements of gameplay, giving you the TOP SECRET know-how to turn you into a <i>Fortnite</i> pro. This <i>Fortnite</i> strategy guide includes:<br><br> <li> Character Section, Customization, and Improvement<br> <li> Parachuting from the Battle Bus and Choosing an Ideal Landing Location<br> <li> Safe Exploration of the Island and Avoiding the Storm<br> <li> Finding and Gathering the Best Weapons, Ammo, and Loot<br> <li> Acquiring Resources (Wood, Brick, and Metal)<br> <li> Building Fortresses and Structures<br> <li> Surviving Combat to Become the Last Person Standing<br><br>For Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, and Mac, the <i>Fortnite</i> game transports gamers to an island that's in the direct path of a strange and deadly storm. This free edition is a quest for survival?as one hundred players get trapped on the island, but only one will ultimately survive!<br><br><i>Fortnite</i> players must explore their surroundings to gather resources and then build protective shelters, plus locate weapons and loot (medical packs, potions, ammo, etc.)?all while attempting to defeat enemies in battle as the storm approaches, slowly making more and more of the island inhabitable. With so much at stake, you need the most up-to-date, comprehensive <i>Fortnite</i> book there is.<br><br>This unofficial <i>Fortnite Battle Royale</i> strategy guide book for gamers ages 8 and up provides the tips and information needed to greatly improve your chances for survival. <i><b>Fortnite Battle Royale Hacks</i></b> is the ultimate unauthorized guide book that includes proven strategies for defeating opponents using weapons, tools, resources, and structures.<br><br>Because the <i>Fortnite Battle Royale</i> game never offers the same play experience twice, this <i>Fortnite Battle Royale</i> tips book teaches you to adapt your offensive and defensive fighting strategies as needed to dramatically increase your chance of survival during each and every action-packed battle.<br><br>This full-color, information-packed, 98-page <i>Fortnite Battle Royale</i> book for kids, teens, and adults is expertly designed to help first-time players greatly shorten the game's learning curve and allows readers to abandon their "noob" status quickly, while dramatically improving their fighting, building, exploration, and survival skills. Experienced players will get an edge over their competitors with this legendary guide! With limited training activities and tutorials built into the game, <b><i>Fortnite Battle Royale Hacks</b></i> is the MUST READ <Fortnite Battle Royale</i> game guide for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players… This is THE <i>Fortnite</i> cheat book for all the tips and tricks you won't learn anywhere else.
From The Publisher*<b>The ultimate guidebook for <i>Fortnite</i> players.</b>
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