Mom Genes: Inside the New Science of Our Ancient Maternal Instinct

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By (author): Tucker, Abigail
Subject:  FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting / Motherhood
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  SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Biology
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Publisher: Gallery Books
Published: April 2021
Format: Book-hardcover
Pages: 336
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*"For anyone who is a mother, or who has a mother, [Mom Genes] is an eye-opening tour through the biology and psychology of a role that is at once utterly ordinary and wondrously strange." -Annie Murphy Paul, author of Origins

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Lion in the Living Room comes a fascinating and provocative exploration of the biology of motherhood.

Everyone knows how babies are made, but scientists are only just beginning to understand the making of a mother. Mom Genes reveals the hard science behind our tenderest maternal impulses, tackling questions such as whether a new mom's brain ever really bounces back, why mothers are destined to mimic their own moms (or not), and how maternal aggression makes females the world's most formidable creatures.

Part scientific odyssey, part memoir, Mom Genes weaves the latest research with Abigail Tucker's personal experiences to create a delightful, surprising, and poignant portrait of motherhood. It's vital reading for anyone who has ever wondered what rocks the hand that rocks the cradle.
Review Quote* "Shocking and yet somehow reassuring...Whether you're a mom, know a mom (of any species), or ever had a mom (that's pretty much everybody), you are going to want to read this surprising and rigorously-researched book."
-Sy Montgomery, New York Times bestselling author of The Soul of an Octopus
Review Quote*"Mom Genes is witty, reassuring, and takes motherhood out of the footnotes and places it front and center-where it belongs!"
-Louann Brizendine, MD, author of New York Times bestseller The Female Brain
Review Quote*"Filled with jaw-dropping facts and findings, this brilliant, absolutely fascinating book grabbed me from page one. In Mom Genes, Abigail Tucker distills an extraordinary range of cutting-edge research into fun, accessible chapters. Written in an engaging, often hilarious voice, Mom Genes illuminates the biology of everything motherly. I couldn't put it down."
-Amy Chua, Yale Law professor and author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and Political TribesGroup Instinct and the Fate of Nations
Review Quote*"I'm a father, but I found every page of this gripping and wonderful-not least because of the author's rare skill at making science vividly understandable to lay readers."
-John Colapinto, New York Times bestselling author of As Nature Made Him
Review Quote*"With thorough research, keen insight, and wry humor, Abigail Tucker shows us why moms are different from other people-even, daresay, special, with superpowers that science is just beginning to reveal. For anyone who is a mother, or who has a mother, her book is an eye-opening tour through the biology and psychology of a role that is once utterly ordinary and wondrously strange." 
–Annie Murphy Paul, author of OriginsHow the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives
Review Quote*"Deeply researched and compulsively readable, Mom Genes illuminates the ancient biological roots of modern motherhood. Tucker narrates vividly and often hilariously on a journey that travels from the nursery to the laboratory and back again, out into the wild and across time. I loved this book and its rich exploration of the causes-and consequences-of becoming a mother."
-K.S. Bowers, coauthor of Wildhood and Zoobiquity
Review Quote*"An entertaining storyteller, [Tucker] weaves neuroscience with tales from all kinds of mammal moms, including her own travails and joys. If you've ever had a hunch that motherhood changed your brain forever, Mom Genes not only confirms your suspicions, but shows you how and why."
-Randi Hutter Epstein, MD, author of Aroused: The History of Hormones and How They Control Just About Everything
Review Quote*"Mom Genes is my new favorite book on motherhood: fascinating, informative, funny, and smart as a whip. Abby Tucker is the friend you want to lean on when you're wondering how to cope with your child, the researcher who can explain a thousand weird, wonderful aspects of parenting, and the quirky thinker who can open your mind to the strangeness and beauty of being a mother."
-Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling author of Expecting Adam
Biographical NoteAbigail Tucker's work has been featured in the Best American Science and Nature Writing series. She is the New York Times bestselling author of The Lion in the Living Room: How House Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World, named a Best Science Book of 2016 by Library Journal and Forbes, now translated into thirteen languages. A correspondent for Smithsonian magazine, she lives in New Haven, Connecticut, with her husband and four (equally amazing) children.