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The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change

Category: Book
By (author): Adler, Carlye
By (author): Braun, Adam
Subject:  BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / General
  BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Nonprofit Organizations & Charities
  EDUCATION / Organizations & Institutions
Publisher: Scribner
Published: March 2014
Format: Book-hardcover
Pages: 272
Size: 9.00in x 6.00in x 1.10in
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$ 28.99
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*The riveting story of how a young man turned $25 into more than 200 schools around the world and the guiding steps anyone can take to lead a successful and significant life.

Adam Braun began working summers at hedge funds when he was just sixteen years old, sprinting down the path to a successful Wall Street career. But while traveling he met a young boy begging on the streets of India, who after being asked what he wanted most in the world, simply answered, "A pencil." This small request led to a staggering series of events that took Braun backpacking through dozens of countries before eventually leaving one of the world's most prestigious jobs to found Pencils of Promise, the organization he started with just $25 that has since built more than 200 schools around the world.

The Promise of a Pencil chronicles Braun's journey to find his calling, as each chapter explains one clear step that every person can take to turn your biggest ambitions into reality, even if you start with as little as $25. His story takes readers behind the scenes with business moguls and village chiefs, world-famous celebrities and hometown heroes. Driven by compelling stories and shareable insights, this is a vivid and inspiring book that will give you the tools to make your own life a story worth telling.

*All proceeds from this book will support Pencils of Promise.
Review Quote*"For anyone with a big dream to transform the world, this book will show you how to get it done."
Review Quote*"A compelling and singular story filled with universal truths everyone needs to hear."
Review Quote*"A remarkably inspiring story that shares the essential lessons to creating a life of meaning, passion and purpose."
Review Quote*"A vivid, heartfelt account of the power of education and the ability of one person to impact the world."
Review Quote*"Braun takes you on a mesmerizing round-the-world adventure, while sharing the concrete steps necessary to turn your own ideas into reality. He has his finger on the pulse of what's next and when he speaks you should be listening."
Review Quote*"A perfect step-by-step guide to building the life you've always wanted on your own terms. . . Start reading and don't put the book down until you're finished."
Review Quote*"Braun's lessons are memorable, accessible, and powerful. This is a must-read, and a must-re-read, and a must-keep-in-view-on-bookshelf kind of book."
Review Quote*"[An] exuberant testimony to the power of idealism. . . Braun's story forcefully presents the advantages of silencing the head andlistening to the heart."
Review Quote*"[Braun] skillfully weaves together his personal memoir and the professional challenges he faced... Informative and inspiring."