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By (author): Anipare, Sifton Tracey
Subject:  FICTION / African American / Contemporary Women
  FICTION / Canadian
  FICTION / Fantasy / Urban
  FICTION / General
Audience: general/trade
Publisher: Dundurn Press
Published: September 2021
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 536
Size: 8.50in x 5.50in x 1.00in
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*A captivating fantasy novel about demons, dreams, and a young woman teaching English in Japan."With empathetic characters, terrifying monsters, and a cinematic feel, Yume is a dream that will keep readers awake at night." - RICHARD FORD BURLEY, author of DisplacementCybelle teaches English in a small city in Japan. Her contract is up for renewal, her mother is begging her to come back to Canada, and she is not sure where she belongs anymore. She faces ostracism and fear daily, but she loves her job, despite its increasing difficulties. She vows to do her best - even when her sleep, appetite, and life in general start to get weird, and conforming to the rules that once helped her becomes a struggle.Meanwhile, yokai feast and cavort around Osaka and Kyoto as the barrier between their world and the human world thins. Zaniel spends his nights walking the dream world and serving his demon "bodyguard," Akki. But there is a new yokai on the scene, and it has gotten on Akki's bad side. When Cybelle gets caught up in the supernatural clash, she has to figure out what is real and, more importantly, what she really wants … before her life spirals out of control altogether.A RARE MACHINES BOOK
From The Publisher*While Cybelle comes to terms with her life in Japan, Zaniel navigates a world of demons, namely by bringing women to have sexual encounters with a monster named Akki, until another demon, the Yokai, wreaks havoc in Akki's domain.
Review Quote*

A captivating fantasy in the vein of Alice in Wonderland and Spirited Away, and yet possessed of its own unique vision and executed with precision, honesty, and feeling. Yume is more than a story about dreams and demons, it's about being a stranger in a strange land, and the yearning we feel to connect with someone ... even if they aren't human.

Review Quote*A growing aura of malice paints every successive page of Yume, an inevitable, unfathomable collision of cultures, desires, colour, light, and sensation. Rarely does a book shepherd a reader so deftly through the strange and magical while weaving in enough of the familiar to heighten the suspicion that, while this yokai-populated, fearsome Japan exists through the imagination of the author, it might also be found just around the next corner. And if you DO find it, beware!
Review Quote*

At its heart, Yume is a compelling story about finding connections - to others as well as to parts of oneself - in an increasingly disconnected world. With empathetic characters, terrifying monsters, and a cinematic feel, Yume is a dream that will keep readers awake at night.

Review Quote*Yume will leave readers wanting to become experts on Japanese mythology, watch a Studio Ghibli movie (or two), and read more stories from Anipare's otherwordly mind.
Biographical NoteSifton Tracey Anipare is a Ghanaian Canadian writer who lived and taught in Japan for four years. She loves video games, bubble tea, Japanese coffee mixes, and is an avid collector of stickers and stamps. Yume is her first novel.