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They Fought in Colour / La Guerre en couleur: A New Look at Canada's First World War Effort / Nouveau regard sur le Canada dans la Premiere Guerre mondiale

Category: Book
Foreword By: Gross, Paul
Afterword By: Mansbridge, Peter
Translated By: Poliquin, Daniel
Edited By: The, Vimy Foundation
Subject:  HISTORY / General
  HISTORY / Military / World War I
  PHOTOGRAPHY / Subjects & Themes / Historical
Audience: general/trade
Awards: Dewey Divas and the Dudes Fall 2018 Pick (2018) Commended
Publisher: Dundurn
Published: October 2018
Format: Book-hardcover
Pages: 288
Size: 10.00in x 10.00in x 1.00in
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$ 50.00
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*Iconic photos from the First World War, newly colourized. See seminal images of Canada's First World War experience in a new light - offered in full colour for the first time - with contributions from Margaret Atwood, Tim, Cook, Charlotte Gray, Paul Gross, Peter Mansbridge, and many others. Canadians today see the First World War largely through black and white photography. Colourizing these images brings a new focus to our understanding and appreciation of the role Canada played during the First World War. It makes the soldier in the muddy trench, the nurse in the field hospital, and those who waited for them at home come to life. Immediately, their expressions, mannerisms, and feelings are familiar. They become real. They Fought in Colour is a new look at Canada's experience during the Great War. A more accessible look. A more contemporary look.
From The Publisher*A photographic exploration of Canada's First World War experience, presented for the first time in full, vibrant colour, with complementary essays by some of our country's leading public figures.
Review Quote*Showcasing the incredible efforts of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First World War, They Fought in Colour connects us to the daily life of the soldiers and their families in an entirely new way. This unique book will ensure the service and sacrifice of those who served Canada a century ago are never forgotten."
Review Quote*Canada's Great War comes vividly to life in this superb collection of colourized photographs of the battlefield and the homefront. The texts too add much to this nation's saga of mobilization, sacrifice, and victory. This book is one to pore over again and again.
Review Quote*Scrawled in chalk on a rusty brick Toronto wall- "Don't Forget Us." Five wounded Canadian soldiers, only one willing, or able to smile, sit beneath the graffiti. This is but one of the extraordinary glimpses of Canadians at home and at the front filled with the tones, tints, and hues of life and death during the First World War. The text and the photographs, in colour for the first time, educate and then haunt us; they are, in fact, quite unforgettable.
Review Quote*This book's moving essays and vivid images blow dust from the pages of history. Together, they present an up-close, very personal and moving look at a war and a time that continue to shape Canada- and the world.
Review Quote*They Fought in Colour is a remarkable achievement, breathing new life into the black-and-white photographs that have, until now, shaped our understanding of the Great War. This incredible colourization project is truly a gift to all Canadians interested in our nation's military history.
Review Quote*Taking my three sons to Vimy on the 100th anniversary of the battle was one of the most meaningful experiences of all of our lives. It also occurred to us that had we been living in Canada 100 years earlier, my boys would have been soldiers, not tourists, and some or all of them might not have come home. Every generation needs to tell and re-tell the story of Canada's important role in the First World War and this book does it in a brilliant and fresh way.
Review Quote*They Fought in Colour is an exciting and new look at Canada's important role in the First World War. The images and the text bring everything alive!
Review Quote*Emmener mes trois fils à Vimy pour souligner le 100e anniversaire de la bataille a été une des expériences les plus significatives de toute notre vie. Nous avons également réalisé que si nous avions vécu au Canada 100 ans plus tôt, mes garçons auraient été des soldats, et non des touristes, et que certains d'entre eux ne seraient peut-être pas rentrés à la maison. Chaque génération doit raconter et répéter l'histoire du rôle important du Canada pendant la Première Guerre mondiale. Ce livre raconte cette histoire de façon brillante et fraîche.