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Category: Book
By (author): Aira, Cesar
Series: New Directions Paperbook
Subject:  FICTION / General
  FICTION / In Translation / Latin American
  FICTION / Literary
Publisher: WW Norton
Published: January 2009
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 144
Size: 6.96in x 4.97in x 0.50in
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$ 22.50
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*On a building site of a new, luxury apartment building, visitors looked up at the strange, irregular form of the water tank that crowned the edifice, and the big parabolic dish that would supply television images to all the floors. On the edge of the dish, a sharp metallic edge on which no bird would have dared to perch, three completely naked men were sitting, with their faces turned up to the midday sun; no one saw them, of course. - from Ghosts

Ghosts is about a construction worker's family squatting on a building site. They all see large and handsome ghosts around their quarters, but the teenage daughter is the most curious. Her questions about them become more and more heartfelt until the story reaches a critical, chilling moment when the mother realizes that her daughter's life hangs in the balance.
Review Quote*Wonderful... Ghosts is an incitement to the sensuality of thought, of wonder, of questioning, of anticipation. - Thomas McGonigle (Los Angeles Times)

A languorous, surreal atmosphere of baking heat and quietly menacing shadows... puts one in mind of a painting by de Chirico. - The New Yorker

Once you've started reading Aira, you don't want to stop. - Roberto Bolaño

Utterly astonishing. - San Francisco Chronicle

Aira's literary significance, like that of many other science fiction writers, comes from how he pushes us to question the porous line between fact and fantasy, to see it not only as malleable in history, but also blurred in the everyday. The engrossing power of his work, though, comes from how he carries out these feats: with the inexhaustible energy and pleasure of a child chasing after imaginary enemies in the park. - Los Angeles Review of Books

Ghosts has some serious bite, for such a little book. Within it Aira likens literature to a building that has never been built, to an architect's dream. And though he never comes out and says it, I get the sense that for him the reader is always a ghost, haunting the unbuilt and the imagined, flying through time to attend to the party on the page. - Emily Keeler (The Rumpus)
Biographical NoteThe poet Chris Andrews has translated many books by Roberto Bolaño and César Aira for New Directions.