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Totalled: Salvaging the Future from the Wreckage of Capitalism

Category: Book
By (author): Cremin, Colin
Subject:  BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Free Enterprise
  POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / General
Publisher: Pluto Press
Published: February 2015
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 208
Size: 8.50in x 5.25in x 0.70in
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$ 35.95
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$ 33.95
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*Have you ever felt totaled? In this book, Colin Cremin tackles the overbearing truth that capitalism encompasses the totality of our social relations, having woven itself deeply into the fabric of what it means to be human. He shows how the capitalist system totalizes everything in its path, as evidenced in industrialized warfare, modern surveillance, commodification, and political control. With ever deepening social crises and ecological catastrophes this system threatens civilization as we know it. But among the wreckage of capitalism, Cremin argues, we can still find functioning parts, machines to be salvaged. To do so, it is imperative that we be able to both imagine and realize a future other than the apocalypticism forewarned by scientists, prescribed by economists, accommodated by politicians, and made into spectacle by the entertainment industry.
            Totalled maps the deteriorating socio-economic, political, and ecological conditions in which we live. Yet Cremin asks how a utopian possibility discernable in the power of human creation can be realized even though as a society we are bound up materially, ideologically, libidinally-totally-to the capitalist machine of destruction. Totalled concludes with a politically and economically grounded set of propositions on how we might begin to imagine such a possibility.
Review Quote*"Cremin's book is a compass allowing us to orient ourselves in our obscure and confused times."
Review Quote*"An intriguing and original exercise in Lacanian and materialist political theory, Totalled is also a significant contribution to the great collective project of understanding, analyzing and working to overcome contemporary forms of exploitation, inequality, and oppression."
Biographical NoteColin Cremin is author of Capitalism's New Clothes: Enterprise, Ethics and Enjoyment in Times of Crisis and iCommunism. He teaches sociology at the University of Auckland, Aotearoa / New Zealand.