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Crime Seen: From Patrol Cop to Profiler, My Stories from Behind the Yellow Tape

Category: Book
By (author): Lines, Kate
Subject:  BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Law Enforcement
  TRUE CRIME / General
  WEIRD / True Crime
Publisher: Knopf Random Vintage Canada
Published: February 2016
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 256
Size: 8.10in x 5.20in x 0.80in
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*A criminal profiler, trained at Quantico, former Chief Superintendent of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Kate Lines recounts her remarkable story using pivotal cases she worked on in the course of her career.
     How does a farm girl from Ennismore enter a male-dominated field and become a top criminal profiler and groundbreaking leader? For Kate Lines, it started humbly, patrolling highways. She learned quickly that the best way to thrive was to keep calm, carry on and never lose her sense of humour. In what would be the first of many dramatic turns in her career, Kate traded in her uniform for a tight miniskirt and a leather jacket, becoming one of the OPP's first female undercover officers.
     In 1990 came the opportunity of a lifetime: to be chosen as the 2nd-ever Canadian in an elite program at Quantico, Virginia in what was then the emerging field of criminal profiling. After 10 months of an intensive education in the intricacies of violent crime, Kate's new skills made her much in demand back home. Over the years she was involved in a number of high-profile cases, such as the abduction and murder of Kristen French and of Tori Stafford and the disappearance of Michael Dunahee.
     Kate was an early proponent of ViCLAS--the Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System, and when she took charge of the new and massive Behavioural Sciences division in Orillia, she took over ViCLAS and turned the department into a hub of innovation. Kate was awarded a Governor General's medal for being in the top 1/10th of 1% of the members of police forces that year. The following year the Canadian Police Leadership Foundation named her Police Leader of the Year.
     Always taking care not to aggrandize in any way the criminals whose names we may know all too well, Kate feels it's much more important to focus on the courage of victims and their families. Kate is an unsung, groundbreaking Canadian woman, one of a kind in this country, with a unique, inspiring and fascinating story to share.
Review Quote*"Kate Lines, in the twenty-five years I've known her, has been my role model and friend. Her courage, her leadership skills and her unwavering compassion for victims and their families are an inspiration. I'm so glad she's told her story, enabling Canadians everywhere to get to know this extraordinary police officer."
-Stevie Cameron, author of On the Take and On the Farm
"It's always great when an 'important read' is also completely engrossing. Crime Seen is such a book. Kate Lines was a ground breaker in the field of forensic profiling and her autobiography is a behind-the-scenes take on some of the more notorious crimes that have occurred in Canada."
-Maureen Jennings, author of the Detective Murdoch and Tom Tyler series
"I have known Kate as a professional colleague and friend for over twenty-four years, but I never truly appreciated how much she had achieved until I read Crime Seen. Kate takes the reader through her fascinating and exciting career, beginning as one of only two women in her basic police officer class, to becoming an FBI-trained profiler, a supervisor, Chief Superintendent and more. To Kate I say, Thanks for all you have done to make society a safer place. To the reader I say, Read, learn and enjoy!"
-Roy Hazelwood, FBI (ret.), author of Dark Dreams and The Evil Men Do
Biographical Note

KATE LINES joined the Ontario Provincial Police in 1977. Her early days at work comprised uniform patrol, undercover drugs, fraud and major crimes. In 1991, she completed the FBI's Criminal Profiling Fellowship Program in Quantico, Virginia, the second Canadian to graduate from the program. Lines later became the first female Director of Intelligence Bureau. Much honoured during her 33-year policing career, Lines received the Officer of the Order of Merit Medal, Queen's Commission, International Association of Women Police Excellence in Performance Award, Ontario Women in Law Enforcement Excellence in Performance and Team Endeavours Award and Canadian Police Leadership Forum's Police Leader of the Year award. She currently acts as a consultant to businesses and police forces and on TV shows such as Rookie Blue and Flashpoint.

From the Hardcover edition.