Trump: From A to Z

Category: Book
Edited By: Bourhis, Herve
Subject:  HUMOR / Topic / Political
  POLITICAL SCIENCE / American Government / Executive Branch
Publisher: Firefly Books
Published: November 2017
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 96
Size: 6.25in x 7.50in
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From The Publisher*

A humorous illustrated alphabet book about America's 45th President.

President Donald Trump has been a godsend for comedians and the press, and a persistent midge for critics. From day one in his campaign to his first day in office to this morning's news, he has provided rich fodder for his critics, humorists and the press, while validating his worth in the eyes of his supporters.

Trump A - Z comes out of the gate blazing. Mischievous humor puts a match to the most shocking, controversial and predictable of the activities, political faux pas, personal insults, missteps, lies and exaggerations that Americans and the world have witnessed during his campaign and his White House on the golf course. Witty caricatures of the man himself and previously published editorial cartoons add to the absurdity.

From the brief spreads organized under titles like Trump Bashing; Bikers for Trump; Demagogue; The Godfather; Nuclear; and Trolls for Trump, come these examples of the 150 A to Z entries.

It was reported that during the first week at the White House, Trump's advisors were meeting in the Cabinet Room in the dark. They could not find the light switch located next to the door.

Conspiracy plots. Trump loves them. Obama was born in Kenya. ISIS was created by Hillary Clinton. Vaccines cause autism. The father of Ted Cruz is involved in the death of JFK. The White House is infiltrated by incompetent fascists ... Wait, that's true.

Trump makes his branded clothing in China. He invests in Dubai and Asia. He has shares in Apple. He uses a smartphone for Twitter.

Ronald Reagan. The leader of the conservative revolution of 1980-88 had much in common with Trump. Became famous by the screen. Angry with the truth. Despised by his party (also Republican). Nationalist. Vain. Warmonger. On the other hand, Reagan had experience

Historian Tom Holland finds "fascinating parallels" between Trump and the Roman emperor Caligula, while others compare him to Nero... Caligula held a plebiscite before becoming an autocrat. Nero, the despot who set fire to Rome, was said to be insane.

Trump, tweet-addict, has posted more than 34,500 messages since 2009, from foreign policy to Meryl Streep and all profusely littered with exclamation marks and cap letters. It was hoped that he would stop when he entered the White House. Wrong. Trump says he is the first president to have campaigned primarily on social networks. Wrong again. It was Obama in 2008

Trump on climate change: "It snows and freezes in New York. We need global warming!" has listed 6,069 references to Trump in rap songs. And that was before his election.

Attention capacity. 3 minutes, according to those who know him.

Dr. John D. Gartner petitioned for the removal of the president, convinced that he is mentally unfit to perform his duties.

During his campaign, Trump said he wanted to ban porn. In 2000, he had made an appearance in a Playboy movie and seems to have long been attracted by the actresses.

Needless to say, entertainment ranks supreme in Trump A - Z. We can only wonder what will be in the second edition.

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