Last of the American Girls

Category: Book
By (author): Caruso, Frank
By (author): Green Day
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  COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS / Contemporary Women
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Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: October 2019
Format: Book-hardcover
Pages: 48
Size: 9.50in x 11.00in x 0.35in
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From The Publisher*

From Green Day and co-authored and illustrated by artist Frank Caruso comes a timely, inspiring illustrated rendition of the Grammy winning band's classic hit "Last of the American Girls"-the song Rolling Stone called "a fabulous left-wing love song to a rebel girl . . . when Armstrong sings, ‘she won't cooperate,' he's giving her the highest compliment he can imagine."One of the most important and influential artists of their generation, the high-energy rock band Green Day has continued to inspire millions of fans worldwide with their music, political views, and iconoclastic conviction. Now, they transform their Billboard hit "Last of the American Girls" into a full-color illustrated book of the song's lyrics.

She's a runaway of the establishment incorporatedShe won't cooperateShe will come in firstFor the end of western civilizationShe's a natural disasterShe's the last of the American girls

Since they exploded in the culture in 1994, Green Day has continued to surprise and energize its fans through the evolution of its music, songwriting, and artistic ambition. The band has long been ahead of its time, and "Last of the American Girls" is a testament to their vision. Released in 2010, the song about a spirited nonconformist young woman named Gloria embodies today's cultural zeitgeist and is a salute and tribute to female empowerment and individuality. Celebrating true rebel girls-girls who push back, girls who use their voice, girls who say no-Last of the American Girls takes on both the establishment and the upwardly mobile, espousing an infectious spirit that has never been more relevant.