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Only The Animals (Seules Les Bêtes)

Director Dominik Moll
Country France
Year 2021
Rating Rated 14A (mature theme, sexual content)
Running Time 117
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From The Booth

An abandoned car on a snow covered mountainside road in France.  A couple living near the location of that car, seek love and romance outside of their marriage. A young man cycles with a goat on his back in an African town. A young woman working as a waitress becomes infatuated with an older woman after their first romantic encounter. All of these lives gradually twist together in this excellent slow burning mystery thriller. Recommended. PH

"Moll has given us this audacious, witty and absorbing mystery thriller, a tale of adultery and amour fou with a gamey touch of the macabre – adapted by Moll and his longtime collaborator Gilles Marchand from the novel Seules Les Bêtes by Colin Niel." - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian. In French and Nushi with subtitles.