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Les Misérables

Director Ladj Ly
Country France
Year 2019
Rating 14A
Running Time 102
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From The Booth

Les Misérables
Directed by Ladj Ly
France 2019 | 103 minutes
Rated 14A

JAN 31 - FEB 5 


The film takes its title from Victor Hugo’s work, set in the same Montfermeil district of Paris, where ages ago a revolution was born against an oppressive social system. Here, two veterans of the police anti-crime brigade introduce a newcomer to their way of policing. But their beat is populated by immigrants who are finding their voices and losing patience with the old world politics and the gun-toting privilege and cowboy tactics of the cops. A series of small incidents occur in the aftermath of France’s victory in the World Cup and things quickly escalate to a heated and violent confrontation. Like the best cop film thrillers, Les Misérables brims with menace and building tension leading to an action-packed climax. Fast, gritty and smart, Les Misérables is Recommended. French with subtitles.