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Brittany Runs a Marathon

Director Paul Downs Colaizzo
Country USA
Year 2019
Rating 18A
Running Time 103
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From The Booth

Brittany (Jillian Bell) enjoys a very active social nightlife until a check-up with the doctor leads to a prescription for massive weight loss and major lifestyle changes. Brittany (slowly) rises to the challenge: unable to afford gym fees, she takes the low cost route of running, and, from the title, we know where this leads. But there are many humorous hurdles and some not-so-funny missteps along the way. Favourably compared to last summer’s sleeper hit, The Big Sick, Brittany Runs a Marathon combines comedy, romance and reality in this “based on real lives” story.” “Colaizzo successfully walks a fine line between inspiration and caution, never presenting Brittany as a patronizing role model for weight loss, nor a clichéd case of inner beauty. The film grasps the complex nature of Brittany’s self-image without ignoring its dark side.” - Tomris Laffly, Time Out. “This terrifically engaging debut feature by playwright Paul Downs Colaizzo is the best kind of ‘crowd-pleaser’... one that knocks it out of the park.” - Dennis Harvey, Variety. Recommended.