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The White Crow

Director Ralph Fiennes
Country UK, France
Year 2018
Rating 14A
Running Time 127
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From The Booth

"Why did world-renowned Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev defect? That’s the question raised by Ralph Fiennes’ lovely, elegant The White Crow, a dance-heavy biopic that focuses on Nureyev’s childhood, training, and life-changing visit to Paris with the Kirov Ballet, culminating in his decision to seek asylum in France. For years, it was believed that Nureyev had premeditated his defection, but The White Crow offers a different interpretation, treating it as a spontaneous decision – and therefore the most life-altering of his caprices. Although the many ballet scenes are stunning, to say the least, it’s the climax at the airport that audiences have come to see, using whatever clues the film has supplied to answer the mysterious question of why he did it."—Peter Debruge, Variety. Recommended.