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High Life

Director Claire Denis
Country Germany, France, UK, Poland, USA
Year 2018
Rating 18A
Running Time 110
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From The Booth

Renowned French director Claire Denis takes us to outer space for her first film in English. High Life begins with Monte (Robert Pattinson) caring for a baby daughter on board a ship bound for a distant black hole while the other crew remain in suspended animation. When the other crew members (former death-row inmates) gradually wake, behaviours go askew, and conflict and chaos ensue thanks largely to the work of Dr Dibs (Juliette Binoche), who is dedicated to reproduction in the void of deep space. “The extraordinary, difficult, hypnotic, and repulsive High Life doesn’t give a damn about physics...In the science fiction of Denis’ forbiddingly austere and audacious imagining, the science is biology: Out here, we are not made of stars but of blood, hair, spit and semen.”—Jessica Kiang, Variety. High Life carries the mixed genre tags of Adventure, Sci-fi, Drama, Mystery and Horror. Some may be scared off, others attracted. Choose your camp.