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Director Nadine Labaki
Country Lebanon, USA
Year 2018
Rating 14A
Running Time 126
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From The Booth

Nadine Labaki burst onto the film scene with her immensely charming debut film set in a Lebanese beauty salon, Caramel. Her next film, Where Do We Go Now?, won the People’s Choice Award at TIFF 2011. Her latest, the Oscar nominated Capernaum, follows twelve-year-old Zain who leaves home in protest of his parents’ treatment of his younger sister. Zain soon becomes the sole caregiver for an Ethiopian infant orphan and life only gets tougher, but not enough that he would return to his parents. “Capernaum, a sprawling tale wrenched from real life, goes beyond the conventions of documentary or realism into a mode of representation that doesn’t quite have a name. It’s a fairy tale and an opera, a potboiler and a news bulletin, a howl of protest and an anthem of resistance.” - AO Scott, NY Times. Meant to poke us out of our comfort zones, Capernaum is tough, but rewarding and Most Highly Recommended. Lebanese with subtitles.