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Director Wash Westmoreland
Country UK, Hungary, USA
Year 2018
Rating 14A
Running Time 111
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From The Booth

The Globe and Mail’s Kate Taylor is a strong voice in the choir of critics singing Colette’s praises: “Colette is definitely a heroine for our times: Locked in her writing room by the philandering husband who claimed credit for her bestselling Claudine novels, she eventually escaped with a transgender man. It’s easy then to tell the French writer’s stormy story for contemporary audiences, which is not to say that director Wash Westmoreland and actress Keira Knightley don’t do it rather well in this lively movie about Colette during the Willy years. She marries the critic, journalist and man-about-town when she is only 20 but rapidly establishes herself as the most profitable pen in his factory of ghost writers while responding to his infidelity by exploring her own bisexuality. Hats off too to an ebullient Dominic West who makes the parasitical Willy charming enough that you can see why a young woman might stick with him. Colette is a satisfyingly conventional biopic about a highly unconventional woman.” Sounds kind of like, Recommended.