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The Bookshop

Director Isabel Coixet
Country UK, Spain, Germany
Year 2017
Rating PG
Running Time 113
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From The Booth

Veteran director Isabel Coixet (My Life Without Me, Elegy, Learning to Drive) adapts Penelope Fitzgerald’s novel set in a small Suffolk town in England during the late 1950s. Recently widowed, Florence Green (Emily Mortimer) opens a bookstore, hoping to fend off grief and share some of her excitement for literature with her sleepy burg. This comes to the delight of her neighbour, Edmund (the thoroughly charming Bill Nighy), and the chagrin of the local arts maven Mrs Gamart (Patricia Clarkson). How could a film titled The Bookshop, set in the English countryside, with an excellent cast and lines like, “No one ever feels alone in a bookshop” be anything but Highly Recommended?