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Director Sean Garrity
Country Canada
Year 2015
Rating 14A
Running Time 95
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From The Booth

Mr Garrity’s film, Blood Pressure garnered great audience response during our 2013 Canada Film Days and we’re pleased to close this year’s series with his latest feature. Screenwriter Jonas Chernick plays Jonah, a ne’er-do-well dad with a gambling addiction who is reunited with his teenage daughter, Aurora (Joey King), who is gradually losing her eyesight. Running away from his gambling debts, dad and daughter embark on a road trip from Winnipeg to Churchhill to witness the northern lights before Aurora goes blind. “[Borealis] is gently lovely. Sean Garrity directs with real heart and King aces her role right down to the final, illuminating scene.”—Marsha Lederman, Globe and Mail. We hope to have Sean and/or Jonas attend one of the screenings (possibly Friday), but were unable to confirm by press time. Please check or sign up for our weekly email reminder for updates.