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Sleeping Giant

Director Andrew Cividino
Country Canada
Year 2015
Rating 14A (coarse language, disturbing content)
Running Time 89
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From The Booth

Winner of the Best Canadian First Feature Film at TIFF 2015, and a slew of other awards at international film festivals, Sleeping Giant takes us to the coast of Lake Superior, where three adolescent boys come of age during a long, hot summer. Adam (Jackson Martin) stays at a nicely appointed cottage with his parents, while Nate (Nick Serino) and Riley (Reece Moffett) have no parents in sight and are bunking with Nate’s grandmother. There will be boredom, wrestling, smuggled beer, video games, a little pot and of course, jealousy over girls. Sleeping Giant nimbly walks us through a turbulent time of change for these lads and one where dares can lead to danger. There’s nothing pretty about gangly teenage boys, but this film announces the arrival of some impressive new talent on the Canadian film scene. Recommended.