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45 Years

Director Andrew Haigh
Country UK
Year 2015
Rating 14A (coarse language)
Running Time 95
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From The Booth

Years features the finely honed thespian talents of British actors Tom Courtenay, and the Oscar-nominated Charlotte Rampling as Geoff and Kate. We meet the couple in their simple but comfortable home in the English countryside on the eve of their 45th anniversary, when Geoff receives a letter informing him that a receding glacier in the Swiss Alps has revealed the body of his girlfriend from 50 years ago. The reminder of her sudden death has Geoff remorsefully nostalgic for the lost love of his youth and his doddering self absorption reveals fissures in the marriage that were not previously evident. The Globe & Mail’s Kate Taylor closed her rave  review with,” Ultimately, the emotional heart of 45 Years belongs to (Kate’s) journey, and the film to Rampling: What the actress achieves in the surprising final seconds is worth an Oscar all to itself”. Recommended.