Feb 15 | 7:30 pm

The Teachers' Lounge

Director Ilker Çatak
Country Germany
Year 2023
Rating PG
Running Time 98
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From The Booth

In this film, Germany's nominated submission for the Best International Film Oscar, Carla (Leonie Benesch) is a young member of the teaching staff at a school that has been experiencing a series of thefts. The well-intentioned Carla takes steps to discover who may be responsible. But her plan quickly goes sideways and she is accussed of all sorts of wrongdoings. Carla's life is suddenly upended and life for everyone at the school becomes a glaring microcosm of our larger society and the angry, accusatory ills that prevail.

Most Highly Recommended.

"A gripping story of idealism battered by bruising reality, high-handed authority and arrogant, misguided students who organize themselves to achieve maximum chaos, The Teacher's Lounge, is a cautionary slice of education in an 'Every parent’s an expert' era." - Roger Moore, Movie Nation

"There’s no other word than mesmerizing for what Leonie Benesch accomplishes here in The Teachers’ Lounge." - Collider

"Taking on the uneasy complexity of a progressive modern society, and the friction produced when pluralism and an insistence on order and obedience collide, is a bold move, and The Teachers’ Lounge pulls it off with a sense of tension that makes the whole thing play like a thriller." - Alissa Wilkinson, NYTimes.

In German with subtitles.