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Director Sofia Coppola
Country USA
Year 2023
Rating PG
Running Time 113
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From The Booth

Accolades abound for Cailee Spaeny, for her decades-spanning portrayal of the title character, whisked away by the romantic allure and power of the world's biggest pop star.

"This isn’t a story of rock music and stage theatrics; it’s about the woman who waited, in a home she was forbidden to leave, for the musician to come and deliver the love he promised. And it’s about the day she decided to stop waiting for it." - Alonso Duralde, The Film Verdict

Based on Priscilla Presley's book, Ms Coppola brings her own sensibilities to the story of the King's young bride and her transition from queen to prisoner of Graceland. The congregation of the Church of Elvis may not be the intended audience.

"Have you ever had an intense experience—fallen madly in love, say—only to look back years later and feel it had happened to a different person, a person who had walked through a dream, and survived it, to get to the self you were destined to become? That’s the feeling Sofia Coppola captures in her quietly extraordinary Priscilla." - Stephanie Zacharek, Time