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Guelph's 48 Hour Film Challenge

Country Canada
Year 2023
Running Time
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From The Booth

It's often said that "lack of limitation is the enemy of creativity". Prepare to see that in action: from October 27th to the 29th, 10 teams of Guelph filmmakers participated in the Guelph 48 Hour Film Challenge. They were given a mystery prop, a line of dialogue, a location and had 48 hours to deliver a completed 4 to 6 minute film. Come see the product of their blood, sweat and tears as the 10 teams have their films screened at the Bookshelf Cinema on November 18th at 2pm. Prizes will be awarded to the filmmakers and the public will see how dedication, determination, ingenuity and a few sleepless nights can create something incredible. This is a free screening. Presented by: Ed Video, Bookshelf Cinema and Guelph Arts Council.