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Talk To Me

Director Danny Philippou, Michael Philippou
Country Australia/UK
Year 2023
Rating 14A (frightening scenes, violence, coarse language)
Running Time 94
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From The Booth

A24's latest spine-chilling tale of horror first rocked the film world at Sundance 2023 and comes courtesy of the Aussie brothers Philippou. An enbalmed hand provides the "I dare you" game for a group of fearless teens that proves to be their conduit to a hellish world of possession and nightmarish encounters that quickly erases the less from fearless.

What begins as teen bravado becomes pure terror. Oh sure, it's all fine until some hand pokes an eye out.

"Talk to Me is a blast of demonic horror that will make your skin crawl. Underneath, it offers a new twist on the teen horror film." - The Playlist

"A bundle of taut nerves stretched to their...breaking point, Talk to Me is the type of horror film whose effectiveness arises from its barebones simplicity." - Indie Wire