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Twice Colonized

Director Lin Alluna
Country Denmark/Canada/Greenland
Year 2023
Rating Not Rated
Running Time 92
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From The Booth

"Aaju Peter is a force of nature. Upon the sudden and tragic death of her son, this fierce protector of her ancestral lands and renowned Greenlandic Inuk lawyer and activist embarks on a journey to bring her colonizing countries, Canada and Denmark, to justice, and to reclaim her language and culture. In her efforts to establish an Indigenous forum at the European Union, she must first confront the wounds inflicted upon her by colonization and navigate through existing white dominance. Finding strength within her own vulnerabilities, Aaju rises from the devastation of colonialism to unite Indigenous activists in the North in her fight for future generations. While director Lin Alluna approaches the story with a deeply sensitive lens, Aaju maintains powerful agency over her own story. In a film that unites Greenland, Denmark and Canada as production countries, Twice Colonized becomes a powerful catalyst for future conversations around colonization and filmmaking." - Heather Haynes, HotDocs 2023.