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Director Ben Affleck
Country USA
Year 2023
Rating 14A
Running Time 112
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From The Booth

Ben Affleck directs and stars in the supporting role as Phil Knight, CEO of the then-struggling (circa 1984) Nike Shoe Company. But Matt Damon carries the film in the lead role of Sonny Vaccaro, tasked with signing the basketball phenom who will change the game of basketball and shoe sales. And like Mr Affleck's previous film, the Oscar winning, Argo, we know the ending, but that doesn't get in the way of an entertainingly good movie.

"Thanks to Affleck’s sure-handed, period-piece-perfect direction, a crackling good screenplay by Alex Convery and the lively, funny, warm, passionate performances from the A-list cast, Air is as entertaining and fast-paced as an NBA Finals game that is destined for overtime...Even though Air is about Nike and Michael Jordan, Affleck has delivered a crowd-pleasing, “Jerry Maguire”-esque, underdog story." - Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times.