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Beau is Afraid

Director Ari Aster
Country USA
Year 2023
Rating 18A
Running Time 179
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From The Booth

From A24, the hippest film company in the US, here's the third feature (following Hereditary and Midsommar) from the brilliantly twisted mind of Ari Aster. It's categorized as a comedy/drama/horror film. And it stars perhaps America's  best screen actor, Joaquin Phoenix, in the title role as a man with some serious mother issues. No, it's not playing on May 14.

While heaping effusive praise, the Globe's Barry Hertz dubbed it, "the best movie you will ever walk out of."

Or, how about The Atlantic's  David Sims, "I’d call Beau Is Afraid a more straightforward comedy—as long as the idea of Looney Tunes crossed with Portnoy’s Complaint sounds funny to you".

Finally, from Original Cin's Karen Gordon, "There is an overarching story and some obvious themes, including the extreme fear suggested in the film’s title. There’s also anxiety, masculinity, toxic femininity, toxic mothers, the road not taken, etc. But there’s also plenty going on beneath the surface, clues that a movie that is already surrealist enough, might be even more surreal than you can catch in one viewing."