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Polite Society

Director Nida Manzoor
Country UK
Year 2023
Rating PG
Running Time 104
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From The Booth

This film is pure fun! Nida Manzoor (creator of the acclaimed series We Are Lady Parts) combines the well-travelled movie scenarios of the assisted marriage drama with the youthful rebellion of martial arts movies. As Lena Khan plans her family-arranged wedding, her younger sister Ria, an aspiring stunt woman and martial artist, is determined to prevent the family-approved nuptials using every physical trick she knows, often to quite comic results.

"Bursting with playful energy, set to a killer soundtrack, and dripping with personality, Polite Society is a winning, ultra-charming tale of sisterly love." -

"An action-packed and hilarious story of two sisters whose bond is tested, Polite Society is worth seeking out. Come for the action and loving send-up of martial arts films, and stay for the sisterly support that shines through." - Austin Chronicle