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Showing Up

Director Kelly Reichardt
Country USA
Year 2023
Rating Rated PG (brief nudity, some coarse language)
Running Time 108
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From The Booth

Kelly Reichardt, a renowned master of minimalist filmmaking, works with her frequent collaborator and star, Michelle Williams in this portrait of an artist wrestling with everyday tasks and turmoil while preparing to open her latest show. As one would expect, it's character nuance over plot development at work here. Co starring Hong Chua, Andre 3000 and Judd Hirsch.

"But this beautifully acted, expertly modulated film is a work of such enveloping gentleness that even the worst crises are simply absorbed into the fabric of life and work. While the ending might have been corny in a less subtle director’s hands, here it’s quietly restorative." - David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter