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Director Chandler Levack
Country Canada
Year 2023
Rating Not Rated
Running Time 99
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From The Booth

"Canadian filmmaker Chandler Levack's hilarious and heartbreaking feature debut is the perfect medicine to cure your big-screen apathy. Anyone who retains a fond memory of browsing a Blockbuster Video- or who gets frustrated trying to navigate a streamer's catalogue- will fall in love with the travails of narcissistic teenage video clerk Lawrence (Isaiah Lehtinen) who works in a Burlington video store circa 2002. A microbudget love letter to the films that define and pigeonhole us, Levack's film is destined to be one of the funniest, sharpest and most perfectly cast films of the year." - Barry Hertz, Globe and Mail

"This is a film about moving on and growing up...And, there's a nostalgic charm here that is compelling, and the writing, direction, and acting are all so strong" - Sarah Milner, SlashFilm

Highly Recommended. PH