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Director Marie Kreutzer
Country Austria
Year 2022
Rating 14A
Running Time 113
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From The Booth

Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread) shared the Best Actress Award at Cannes 2022 for her performance.

"In Marie Kreutzer’s innovative historical drama, the Phantom Thread star plays the beloved Empress Elisabeth of Austria... Fast approaching 40, an age that, as her physician reminds her, is already above the average life expectancy among her woman subjects, the empress goes to extraordinary lengths to maintain her figure and youthful looks.

"The punishing diet and exercise regime favoured by Elisabeth in the movie – gymnastics, fencing, horse riding, meals consisting of a thin slice of orange – are historically accurate.

"In a life that is as constricting as its torturous undergarments, keeping her weight under 50kg was one of the only areas over which Elisabeth – or Sissy as she was known – had any control. 'Your duty is to merely represent,' her husband insists.

"Corsage shares some obvious DNA with Pablo Larraín’s Spencer and Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, but where those films swoon for their put-upon heroines, Krieps brings an unapologetic flintiness." - Tara Brady, Irish Times.

"In many ways this is a study in anger, and it is an austere and angular picture. Krieps gives an exhilaratingly fierce, uningratiating performance." - The Guardian

In German with subtitles