Jun 22 | 7:00 pm
Jun 23 | 7:00 pm


Director Martin Scorcese
Country USA
Year 1990
Rating 14A (brutal violence, coarse language)
Running Time 145
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From The Booth


These screenings of GoodFellas serve as the best cinematic homage we can offer to the highly skilled actor Ray Liotta, who recently passed away. His beginning to end narration and the typical full intensity of his physical performance gives GoodFellas the driving force to maintain status as one of America's best gangster films ever. It also serves as a bookend. A gritty, grimy, street level East Coast version of Italian-American mobster life, compared to our recent homage to Francis Ford Coppola's romantically stylized Godfather films. The performances of Mr Liotta, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Paul Sorvino and Lorraine Bracco, powered by a typical Scorcese rock solid soundtrack make GoodFellas unforgettable and essential cinema.