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The Rose Maker (La Fine Fleur)

Director Pierre Pinaud
Country France
Year 2022
Rating Rated PG (coarse language)
Running Time 95
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From The Booth

The Rose Maker opens in Paris's Parc de Bagatelle, where the exalted flower is honoured. We meet Eve Vernet, who carries on with the artisinal rose gardens inherited from her father. But we live in the 21st Century and Eve, like so many small business owners, must fight to survive in the face of predatory corporate pressure. In her effort to control costs Eve hires three ex convicts to work in her gardens and as you might imagine, through their thorny path to business solvency, conflicts and hilarity ensue. You may be busy in your own garden but there's still time to stop and smell the... sorry, couldn't resist.

In French with subtitles