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Licorice Pizza

Director Paul Thomas Anderson
Country USA
Year 2021
Rating Not Rated
Running Time 133
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From The Booth

In Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film, he revisits his youth during the early 1970s in the San Fernando Valley of California. True to his cinematic style, Mr Anderson meticulously recreates the visual settings of the era, placing his characters within a unique and very specific bubble of time, enveloped by the iconic rock music of the period. As usual, his cast includes highly recognizable stars like, Sean Penn, Tom Waits and Bradley Cooper, with the amazing breakout talents of screen newcomers Alana Haim and Phillip Seymour Hoffman's son, Cooper. Unlike most Hollywood filmmakers chasing commercial success, Mr Anderson has built his career on making very personal, idiosyncratic films that eschew easy plot descriptions, yet Licorice Pizza has garnered three Oscar nominations, including Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture.

"Licorice Pizza is more than just a movie. It’s a delectable, playful, sentimental reminder of what it means to be young, as well as an embodiment of what it feels like to grow up." - Aurora Amidon, Paste Magazine.