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Feb 6 | 12:00 am




Music - Live



Kazoo! x Frequencies - Edna King / $ensi Bo¥ / Lee Paradise

Kazoo! x Frequencies - Edna King / $ensi Bo¥ / Lee Paradise

POSTER BY ARTIST:  Jordann Murray



Kazoo! x Frequencies -- Thursday, Feb 6th
The eBar (37 Quebec St, Guelph)
All Ages / LIC - Doors 9:30pm - $10

eBar is a physically accessible space

Edna King //
Edna King perfectly occupies the space between experimental electronics and full on techno. Her debut EP, “Pressurize”, drifts from lush ambient soundscapes to pulsing industrial percussion, while her recent sets at MUTEK Montreal and Mexico are made of building dense layers of rhythm and layering glitchy melodies and distorted vocals over top. Art techno at its finest.

$ensi Bo¥ //
$ensi Bo¥ Skweeezy C is making his return to the stage, with an EP release, as part of the Royal City OG's - a project that is blowing in from Commander Hailstone's headquarters in a remote location on a forest moon far, far up north where the snow sparkles and the wind blows cold all the year round. Commander Hailtsone aka Sledd (Evan Gordon) has been overseeing operations on this latest mission both as producer and executive producer combining forces with other producers from the Royal City (Andrew Collins, Geordie Gordon and Vic NS) That's how ya know, RCOG, That's how ya know, The Royal City, That's how ya know, So easy to see, That's how ya know you're with the OG's!

Lee Paradise //
Lee Paradise is 1/2 of the electronic ensemble Phèdre. He produces a variety of styles influenced by club music, breaks, and techno, house and juke and performs them live using hardware. He also has a grimy "post-punk" (for lack of a better descriptor) project which goes under the same name.

Thanks to: Ontario Arts Council, Department of Canadian Heritage, Ontario Creates, Wellington Brewery, and the City of Guelph.