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Nov 7 | 9:30 pm




Music - Live



Kazoo! #303 Whoop-SZO / Motherhood

Kazoo! #303 - Thursday, Nov 7th

WHOOP-Szo - 'Warrior Down' Album Release!

eBar (37 Quebec St, Guelph)
All Ages / LIC - Doors 9:30pm - $10
Unfortunately eBar is not a physically accessible venue (yet!)

WHOOP-Szo //
WHOOP-Szo is a force of nature, sprung from a mixed-blooded experience of Canadian history with deep Anishinabek roots. Thunderous and ground-breaking, harmonious and generative—a WHOOP-Szo show envelops audiences in an emotional weather-storm that dances conscientiously between anger and discipline, frustration and hope. They tell us about colonial injustice loudly and punishingly, with haunting chord changes and monolithic distortion. They are passionate storytellers that knock loudly on the door, and reward you tenfold for inviting them in.

Motherhood //
A trio of deep-thinkin’ rippers, New Brunswick’s Motherhood achieve one very rare and uncomplicated feat: they sound EXCITING on record and stage alike. Unlike so many awkward experiments by peers and ‘adventurous’ contemporary rock outfits, Motherhood’s music explodes with the kind of charm and exuberance you can’t just order. No, it’d take years of late nite couch-crumpled conversations, bathroom stall barfs and parking lot laughter to achieve the kind of chemistry these three exude. If we’re calling this art rock, it’s because, in 2019, commitment is a precious art indeed. And make no mistake, Motherhood is all about commitment.

Thanks to: Ontario Arts Council, Department of Canadian Heritage, Ontario Creates, Wellington Brewery, and the City of Guelph.

Poster by : Gillian Wilson