Event Times

Oct 24 | 9:00 pm




Music - Live



Delta Will, Falcon Jane & Claude Munson

Doors at 9. Show at 9:30.
$10 at the door

An intimate night of chill songs & friendly peoples.

Delta Will is the ever-evolving songs project of Charles Tilden. The latest release Multitudes II "reinvents the band as a chamber-folk ensemble: there’s now violin, upright bass, and two clarinets to round out the band’s sound. Tilden’s lyrics have always been thoughtful, often asking huge existential questions about ourselves and nature. These musings fit perfectly into Multitudes II‘s relaxed atmosphere, and it’s only fitting that Sandro Perri had a hand in mixing this EP; his own music has always felt like an extension of nature itself." - Dominionated


Falcon Jane creates music in the immaculate countryside of rural Ontario. Sara May, the artistic heart of the band, captures this overpowering natural depth and beauty in her songs. She writes about love, loss, and everything in between, always on the hunt to discover peace, truth, and magic. Falcon Jane's 2018 debut album "Feelin' Freaky" earned enthusiastic support from press outlets like Gold Flake Paint and The Grey Estates, and they are returning with a follow-up in mid-2020.


Ottawa's Claude Munson writes uninhibited impressionist-folk. Whether drenched in crystalline synths or stripped bare, Munson's songs tackle modern life and love with radical intimacy. His soaring, gritty tenor paints vivid pictures of hard promises and ecstatic joys: atmospheric narratives that unfold, Rorschach-like.


*This event is meant to be a safe space. Harassment, violence, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism and general shitty behaviour will not be tolerated, and you can report such behaviour to organizers or event staff. In other words, we're looking to have a chill time. You in?