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Aug 22 | 9:00 pm




Special Event



eBar Variety Show- Show us whatcha got!

A brand new open stage event! 

Paint / Dance / Juggle / 
Sing / Sax / Tap / Speak

You have talent, we have talent, even this dog has talent! 

Do whatever you want to show off!

On Thursday August 22nd, we shall be hosting a variety show. We invite all you singers, dancers, performers, artists, creatives, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers to show off your skills. A sign-up sheet will be posted, if you have any specific requirements for performing please contact either of us regarding your needs. Follow us on Instagram for updates. And please feel free to tag anyone you know with a cool talent, be it juggling or trapeze..just leave the pyrotechnics at home ;)

See ya there!

Please give us a follow on Instagram and to sign up PM me on Instagram! 

INSTAGRAM  @ ebar_varietyshow